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It has been proven that by installing CCTV systems, you can reduce crime levels dramatically. From single to multiple cameras EMS Ltd has the experience of designing and installing comprehensive ranges of CCTV equipment.

Here at EMS Ltd, we research products to assure we provide you with second to none technology. We offer a no-obligation free quotation which will be specific to your individual needs.


Services we offer

  • Stand Alone & Hybrid Systems 

  • Digital Recording 

  • Monitored Systems - Remote

  • Newport IP Systems  - IP CCTV

  • An Array of Cameras Covering 360 Degrees

  • Analogue CCTV


Providing a secure and efficient way of protecting access to your building, access control removes the hassle of ever needing to change a lock again.

Every person with access to your property is provided with a token that grants permissions to access through controlled set of doors. Access Control Systems are designed to control and monitor access points such as doors, gates and barriers so you can control entry to authorised personnel only.


image (10).png

Different types of Access Control Systems include:

  • Proximity

  • Audio Intercom

  • Visual Intercom

  • Coded Keypads

  • Magnetic Swipe Cards

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